The Wait: Seven ways to protect your wife/women from outside attacks

Recently I watched a interview of Megan Good and Devon Franklin promoting their books the Wait.. But as the interview progress someone asked a pivotal question see video below.





Rev Devon Franklin clapped back at a lady when she tried to come for his wife, Meagan Good. #MeaganGood #DevonFranklin

Posted by Ole E on Monday, February 15, 2016

Here is my @Jay Ajayi Kids Jersey response: 7 things that a man needs to do to protect  his woman/wife:
1. Her name must always be protected. When other woman speak ill of her on any front it is a man job to right the wrong and bring a cease to the matter. You may have your opinion about my significant other but you will respect her and or be dismissed in the process.

  1. Her space A man needs to always protect the space by providing a safe place for the garden of his life to thrive in. Also a man needs to till and water the ground to experience the fruit that healthy space provides. ( Col 3:19)
  2. Her body Protecting her body is more than just fighting and struggling you must also honor her body because from her womb she carries your inner most thoughts. Emp 5:23
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  4. Her mind Her thoughts, dreams and visions are supposed to be protected and honored by her man. We as men are made lower than angles and we are responsible for taking those thoughts to God on her behalf.
  5. Her family Her family rather blended or newly made it is you’re to protect the family. The bible speak clearly that you are the band that holds the house together and this is your job to protect the family. (1 Timothy 5:8/Luke 22)
  6. Her finances We as men are called to the garden of God not the garden of our ladies pocket. It is ok to accept help through life issues but your issues shouldn’t result to depletion on her end. This mean you have the means and you are willing to do whatever possible to make the load light.
  7.  So that my prayers won’t go without being heard (1 Peter 3:7)


We as kingdom men have been called to protect what wife/woman that God has given us.

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